Living in Brazil: As a Peace Corps Volunteer and Businessman

by H. Lynn Beck






H. Lynn Beck had no clue what to do after finishing his master’s degree in Vermont, so he applied to join the Peace Corps. Eventually, he was invited to work in Brazil, and he agreed to work in education in the state of Mato Grosso. While his portuguese consisted of ninety-five percent Spanish and 5 percent Portuguese, he managed to communicate. Working in the geographic center of South America, he felt as if he’d been dumped into a pressure cooker as it was so hot and humid. Join the author has he travels rural roads, meets large rats and tarantulas, and makes friends while immersing himself in a rich culture.

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H. Lynn Beck was raised on a farm in Nebraska, joined the Peace Corps twice (El Salvador, Brazil), and attended five state universities to earn degrees in Agronomy, Adult Education, and Economics. Beck did volunteer work in Nicaragua as a farm manager for a church. Beck lived 10 years in Brazil and 3 years in Central America. He worked in the US as a farm manager, grain salesman, market researcher, and taught Statistics at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) for 16 years. Beck did short-term agricultural volunteer work in Moldova, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Guyana, Mozambique, and Angola. After many adventures, Beck is now retired.