Henry and Anthony

by H. Lynn Beck






On a grassy hilled college campus, Henry was born to two loving parents who taught him to believe in the Great Goose. Henry was always a special goose, who was brought into this world with a special purpose; but no one knew what it was to be. Henry suffered an accident that launched him into the world alone, only following what he believed to be the Great Goose’s wishes. He had doubts, but he continued along unknown paths with an unknown destination or purpose. Along the way, he accumulates a strange array of colleagues, including an aging Cobbler who is a Veteran from the Korean War. He also adds a homing pigeon that is lost; hence, we have a Canada goose who does not know where he is going and a Homing Pigeon that cannot find home. Together, they proceed like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza with feathers. They add a Mallard Duck named Gilbert, two aging widowed Canada geese, Andy and Leroy, and finally three testy Russian geese, Nicholas, Dmitri, and Natasha. They bounce around the world solving problems while learning to understand and appreciate each other.

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H. Lynn Beck was raised on a farm in Nebraska, joined the Peace Corps twice (El Salvador, Brazil), and attended five state universities to earn degrees in Agronomy, Adult Education, and Economics. Beck did volunteer work in Nicaragua as a farm manager for a church. Beck lived 10 years in Brazil and 3 years in Central America. He worked in the US as a farm manager, grain salesman, market researcher, and taught Statistics at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) for 16 years. Beck did short-term agricultural volunteer work in Moldova, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Guyana, Mozambique, and Angola. After many adventures, Beck is now retired.